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Shamar King

A Servant of Christ

Shamar’s Ministry is all about unveiling Jesus Christ (Grace), His unconditional Love for his bride and his perfect gift of righteousness to all that accept his word (Truth) that came through his Prophet William Marrion Branham.

My mission is simply to reach into the Truth of God’s word and pull out the Grace that is hidden; to lift up and exalt that Grace that we might behold its glory and that we might be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

That the Bride might see Jesus (Her Husband) in the true essence of the person; not in the letter (Law) of his word, but in the beauty of his Grace to her. That she might fall in love with the person of Jesus Christ, and love him not from a heart of obligation but in gratitude of a pure spirit and in peace.

video editor

Video Editor Wanted

Video Editor

Do you feel inspired to volunteer your gift to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ? do you know videography and would like to help us produce high quality videos that encourages and point people to the Savior,  then please send us a line with your details and we will contact you.