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64-0621: The Trial (Voice and Text)

The Trial

Court is in Session!

Promises Vs World
The prosecuting attorney (Satan) brings the indictment of “breach of promise.” The Defendant is God’s Word, the Defense Witness is the Holy Spirit. We, the people reading this article, are the jury. Listen closely to the testimonies because this is a decision between Life and death.

64-0617: The Identified Christ Of All Ages (Voice and Text)

Indentified Christ of all ages

Christ is the Living Word, the perfect Manifestation of God in every age.

Now, “in the beginning, He was the Word,” and the Word discerns the thought that’s in the heart. It did through the prophets, it did through Christ, and He promised it in the last days, for He is the same yesterday, today, forever.

Beloved, as you deny Self (Flesh) and yield to only what the Word (Christ) says, as you live in these messages and mediate on them day and night, you will be able to identify Christ in your life today.

The resurrection of the Word that was made manifest in the Prophet will be made alive in you aswell, this is the ONLY SIGN promised to this last generation.

May Christ reveal himself more to you today.

This is part of the Jubilee Message we will be running on our website, its done with Voice and Text so you can read along, please remember to pause the message every now and then and meditate on the words of God and let the holy Spirit speak to the heart.

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