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Flesh: The Earthly Body (Part 4)

Flesh - The Earthly Body (Part 4)

Death to Self.
The Manifestation of “SELF” is the first Manifestation of unbelief.

To attempt to manifest yourself instead of God is to do like Satan in the beginning; it’s to forsake the purpose for which you were made, which is to manifest Christ in your day.

To live just for yourself, for the betterment of your family and friends, to live just to improve on your standard of living, your development to improve your social and economic status of yourself and your family- is to manifest self.

But God (your Father) has made you to manifest Him on earth, that you should seek him (In his word) to see what part of the word are you to manifest today- for he is the word.

Theophany: The Word Body (Intro)

Intro- The Theophany Body

Theophany: The Word Body (Intro)

This is an Introduction into the Theophany Body, that we have received through the word.

Just like the physical man needs a Physical body to operate in this world, so likewise the Spiritual man needs a Spiritual Body to live and manifest in the Kingdom of God.

Come and see what Christ has made available to all his sons, through the power of his word.

Hope it bless your hearts.

Introduction- The Body of Christ Message Series


Introduction- The Body of Christ Message Series.
This is a small intro into the Body of Christ message series, and a little celebration of our 1st anniversary of my little ministry on

May God bless you as we look into how we are to acquire and manifest God and all of his promises in our Body (flesh)- Not when we leave here, but the promise is to be made manifest a but today.
I hope it will be a blessing to you.

The New Covenant: The Revelation of God’s Work

New Covenant

Day 2 Sermon- The New Covenant: The Revelation of God’s Work
Abraham- A type of the Bride Series

We are unable to have confidence before God if we are sin-conscious with our hearts condemning us. It is of utmost importance to KNOW what Christ has done on your behalf. For example, if you hear today that the LAW concerning your national or financial status is going to change, then you would want to make sure you learn all the changes that is being made. Much more, the if you hear that the LAW (Requirement) for your eternal destiny (Salvation, Blessing and great promises) are being changed…

Melchizedek: Perfection is through Jesus Priesthood (Part 1)

Melchizedek- Perfection is through Jesus Priesthood1

Day 1 Sermon- Melchizedek: Perfection is through Jesus Priesthood
Abraham- A type of the Bride Series

The Bible says that Jesus is our High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. Come and see and understand the present-day high priesthood ministry of Jesus, and be perfect and lack nothing. Whether it is being saved from hell, sickness or financial lack, you will see that Christ your High Priest has saved you completely, and has given you ‘perfect’ standing before the Father…

Abraham: A Type of the Bride (Video Series)

Abraham- A type of the bride series

A new 7 Days Series starting Sunday 9th June 2013

If there was ever a righteous man or a type of the bride in the bible, it was Abraham! Besides being righteous in God’s sight and called God’s friend; he was very wealthy, healthy and even received a body change (Renewed of youth) from God. Even though he wasn’t perfect in his behavior, God still blessed him because he was righteous by faith and under God’s pure grace…

Now is the Son of Man Glorified

now is the son of man glorified

“Now is the Son of Man Glorified…” These are the words of Jesus at the point of Betrayal- In his darkest hour God speaks prophetic words of comfort and peace. Beloved, for such a time as this- betrayal, accusation and condemnation from the enemy, God has a word and a plan to crown your ministry […]

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Keep your eyes on Jesus

Sign-up to watch the complete Message Video Series Contains; Keep your eyes on Jesus Part1 Keep your eyes on Jesus Part2 Keep your eyes on Jesus Part3 What does the Bride of Jesus do when she is in the midst of a Storm? Your Husbandman, Jesus wants you to see him for who he is […]