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Flesh: The Earthly Body (Part 4)

Flesh - The Earthly Body (Part 4)

Death to Self.
The Manifestation of “SELF” is the first Manifestation of unbelief.

To attempt to manifest yourself instead of God is to do like Satan in the beginning; it’s to forsake the purpose for which you were made, which is to manifest Christ in your day.

To live just for yourself, for the betterment of your family and friends, to live just to improve on your standard of living, your development to improve your social and economic status of yourself and your family- is to manifest self.

But God (your Father) has made you to manifest Him on earth, that you should seek him (In his word) to see what part of the word are you to manifest today- for he is the word.

The Flesh: The Earthly Body (Part 3)

Flesh- Part 3

The Spoken Word is the Original Seed, the seed of God was supposed to be the Spoken word made flesh. But instead we see that Satan by Hybreding was able to infiltrate the human race- by mixing and by adding to the word he was able to make a man that was not in the original thought of God for man.

This is the origin of mankind as we know it today, we have a flesh body by Carnal knowledge instead of by the Spoken Word (The Original motive and objective of God for his sons).

God (Our Father) has again sent his word (The Spoken Word- The message) to birth a new breed of Son in the original order and after the likeness of his Nature, these are the Sons of God made manifest today.

Flesh: The Earthly Body (Part 2)

Flesh - The Earthly Body (Part 2)

Satan (Once an Archangel) by wisdom *added his selfish manifestation to the book of life (Cain, Korah, Haman, pharisees etc), for he knew by his great wisdom that if you add to the word of God, then the Word of God becomes of non-effect (i.e The word of God will not produce the objective of God) this contempt is the manifestation of unbelief, this is Sin.

Come and see how important is the perfect, unadulterated word: the Spoken Word that came through the ministry of the Son of Man, made manifest in the prophet (William Marrion Branham) is the Original Seed that Satan added his word to bring death to the whole human race.

But now that the perfect word is restored, now the Sons of God will be made manifest.

Flesh: The Earthly Body (Part 1)

Flesh- The Earthly Body (Part1)

Justification (Mind of Christ)
Sanctification (Flesh Body)
Baptism (Theophany Body + Redeemed Body)

Today we will look at Sanctification of the Sons of God, every son that comes to God must be tried to see if they are really his own and if they have his character, to accomplish this God (Our Father) place us in Flesh so we can be tempted and manifest his character by Faith.

Let us manifest the revealed word (The nature of our Father) by faith, believing that although we do not see the things that is promised, we believe they will be made manifest at the time appointed.

Flesh: The Earthly Body (Intro)

Flesh- The Earthly Body Intro

Flesh: The Earthly Body (Intro)
We live and manifest in a fleshly body (Physical Body) yet we know so little about its origin, why we have it and how we’re to control it.

This is the reason God (Our Father) rich in mercy and love sent us the Revealed Word (The Word Body), that we should see him as he is (The Living Word) and that we should be like him (Manifest Him in this fleshly body).

Come and see what happened at the beginning and how we end up being born in this fleshly body, God is making every wrong right by the power of the revealed Word.

God bless you as you conquer through Christ this earthly flesh and make manifest the word for today.

Theophany: The Word Body (Part 4)

Theophany part 4

How was the Sons of God be made manifest (Born)? How we were to receive our Theophany Body (Word Body) then go on to receive our Earthly physical Body ( Flesh Body). But we would have never known God and all his Abilities and all the LOVE with which he Loves us.

Come and see what is the Plan of God regarding the body he has prepared for all his Sons.

God bless you and position you in himself.

Theophany: The Word Body (Part 3)

Theophany part 3

The Souls of Men is a creation of God just like the earth is a creation of God, but the difference is that Men was made in the image of God and after his likeness.

Here is where God choose who he is going to give his Nature (Attribute) and who would not be given his Attribute; but this does not determine who will be saved and who will not, this only determines who are his (Will manifest him) and who will not manifest him.

Theophany: The Word Body (Part 2)

Theophany Part2-profile

Theophany: The Word body (Part 2)
The Theophany is the Word Body that God our beloved Father has prepared for us.

The Word came out of the Spirit and became the Body of the Spirit of God; this is the First manifestation of God; where the nature of God (Jesus Christ) is quickened by the Spirit of God. And You were apart of the Word of God.

Body of Christ: God is pure Love

Now, so, God was in the beginning. Before there was any light, before there was ever an atom, before there was ever a star, before there was any visible thing, God filled all space. And in That was nothing but purity: pure love, pure holiness, pure righteous. It was Spirit. He covered the whole space all from Eternity, where we can’t fathom It. It goes beyond anything that we could imagine.

57-0828 – “Hebrews, Chapter Two #3″
Rev. William Marrion Branham

God bless you and position you as we go through this series on the heavenly Body.

Theophany: The Word body (Part1)

Theophany Part1

Theophany: The Word body (Part1)

The Theophany is the Word Body that God our beloved Father has prepared for us.
The Word was the mind (or the Plan) of God; for the Sons of God to be made manifest and that they should reveal him (The Nature of the Father).

God Bless you and position you as we go through this series on the heavenly Body.

Theophany: The Word Body (Intro)

Intro- The Theophany Body

Theophany: The Word Body (Intro)

This is an Introduction into the Theophany Body, that we have received through the word.

Just like the physical man needs a Physical body to operate in this world, so likewise the Spiritual man needs a Spiritual Body to live and manifest in the Kingdom of God.

Come and see what Christ has made available to all his sons, through the power of his word.

Hope it bless your hearts.