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His Knowledge- “Tasting/Eating” Jesus Christ

O taste and see that the LORD is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!
Psalm 34:8

Jesus Christ said “I am the BREAD of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger- in other words, eat me and LIVE. The more you seek after HIM, the more you behold his glory and feed on his words of life; the more you will find refuge and be blessed.

-How do you know Jesus?

To Know God is simple to partake or accept the life of Jesus Christ (The Word) for today. For example when you’re reading your bible or listening to the Message Sermons; make sure you’re beholding and consuming Jesus Christ. Even when you are reading the Old Testament shadows and types, make sure you are seeing the “person” of Jesus in the scriptures. You See, it is to know HIM is LIFE, when you have him you have everything.

 John 17:3
And this is life eternal, that they might know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

The Message:

THE MIGHTY CONQUEROR                                          JEFFERSONVILLE IN   56-0401M  101
… The Bible said they were ignorant and unlearned men, His apostles was. They may not have knowed much about botany. They might not have much about mathematics, or–or algebra, or anything of that sort of our modern education. They might not have knowed much about that, but they knowed Him, and that’s the main thing.
To know Him is Life. Remember that, Christian friend and sinner friend. To know Christ is Life. Many people go and they learn a catechism. They think that’s life. Many people got and learn the Bible. They think that’s life. Many people know the doctrine of their church. They think that’s life. All those things are good, but to know Him, personally, as your personal individual Saviour; that is Life and that alone, to know Him.

-Know Thy Self- Not

Don’t worry about trying to know and love yourself, first get to know him and his love and grace to you. Search the scripture to see his sacrifice and promise, his forgiveness and compassion to them that ask of him, and you will see that whiles you seek to know him; he will reveal that “YOU” are in “HIM”. When you honor him by seeking him first, he will honor you by granting you your heart desire. He is the most loving person I have ever known.

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